Ruth Davidson has once again been left utterly humiliated after she desperately urged Boris Johnson to keep David Mundell in his position – only for the new Prime Minister to ignore the advice and sack the now former Secretary of State for Scotland.

Prior to the sacking, Ruth Davidson said that the new Prime Minister “would do well to take his (Mundell’s) advice on Scotland. He knows the Scottish Government inside out, he has sat across the table from Nicola Sturgeon and looked her in the eye many times, and I think that experience will be invaluable to the new Prime Minister.”

SNP MP Tommy Sheppard said that Mundell had become a “national embarrassment” over his hypocrisy after he previously criticised Boris Johnson for behaving “in a way that suggests he’s only focused on his own self-interest and not in the interests of our country.”  

Mundell was sacked despite pathetically pledging support for serving in Johnson’s no-deal Brexit Cabinet.

Responding to the sacking, Tommy Sheppard MP said:

“Ruth Davidson is a busted flush – Boris Johnson has humiliated her and left her authority non-existent following the sacking of David Mundell as Scottish Secretary.

“That was despite her bid to keep him in post, which was completely ignored by the new PM.

“David Mundell had become a national embarrassment and his hypocrisy was clear for all to see. The only surprise is that it has taken this long for him to have been relieved of his duties at an increasingly pointless department.

“This is a clear sign from Boris Johnson about how little he rates Ruth Davidson and the Scottish Tories. He is ignoring them just as much as he will ignore the rest of Scotland through the course of his premiership.

“Earlier today I appealed to Mundell to show the same conviction as his cabinet colleagues and resign before he was sacked. He declined and has only himself to blame for a sad and ignominious end.

“Scotland deserves a choice over a better future than the bleak Boris Johnson Britain on offer. It is little wonder then that support for independence is rising, with polls showing a majority want a fresh independence referendum.”