With less than a month to go until the UK is set to leave the EU, the SNP has demanded that Boris Johnson turn up to Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) on Wednesday and be held accountable for the Brexit crisis after No. 10 revealed today he does not plan to attend.

Since Boris Johnson took office in July, there has been only one opportunity for MPs to hold the Prime Minister to account at PMQs for his actions due to his unlawfully proroguing parliament.

Commenting, Stewart Hosie MP said:

“With just under a month to go before the UK risks crashing out of the EU without a deal and Boris Johnson threatening to subvert the law again by refusing to ask for an extension if he fails to get a deal, it is downright shameful that he plans to dodge PMQs and refuses to be held accountable for his actions leading to this Brexit chaos.

“Now that Parliament has resumed after the Tories unlawfully tried to shut down democracy, MPs must be able to scrutinise his actions as Prime Minister – it is outrageous that we have had only one chance to do so since he took office.

“Boris Johnson of all people cannot be allowed a free pass to duck scrutiny given recent events have shown just how unfit for office he is.

“Scotland’s future cannot be left in the hands of this dangerous Prime Minister, who is threatening to break the law again and impose an extreme Brexit that would cost thousands of Scottish jobs and livelihoods.”