Scottish Government lies about dental care, they said it was to protect patients but in reality its all about saving money as this dentists statement sent to us this morning states very clearly!

The First Minister (FM) of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, outlined details of Phase 3 on Thursday 9th July 2020 which included an update for dental patients and treatments. It was stated that from Monday 13th July 2020, Dentists in Scotland could commence “routine dental work”. Unfortunately in reality, this is a very limited treatment list. 


Currently under the NHS, we are not permitted to carry out any treatment that creates an aerosol generating procedure (AGP). This includes fillings, crowns, root treatments or ultrasonic scaling (cleaning) amongst other treatments. Aerosols are used in 95% of our treatments.


We are permitted to carry out NHS extractions as long they are ‘simple’ and see NHS patients who are in pain.  


The FM failed to inform the public that this is not for public health reasons. This is purely a financial decision as privately paid treatment is permitted. Therefore, if you are an NHS patient, we can only provide dental treatment on a private basis (see below). 


Grandholm Dental Update:


We are now open and available for extremely limited NHS appointments (such as urgent emergency care) or we can provide any form of private treatment. 


With this in mind and being aware that this issue is not likely to change any time soon with a return to the previous system being highly unlikely and NHS dental check-ups and treatments being postponed until well into 2021/22, we have arranged to offer all of our patients (both NHS & Private) a Patient Plan which will allow immediate access to all realms of dental care including those currently or no longer available on the NHS. 


Grandholm Dental Patient Plan:


The Patient Plans are simple and easy to follow as well as extremely affordable in the current climate (from 49p per day). 


We have attached a PDF leaflet which briefly explains the two plan options and the monthly fee applicable which is paid by Direct Debit as well as the Terms & Conditions.