Bartletts Liverpool and Chester who refused to do anything about several severe legal complaints and ignore customer complaints on Trustpilot now faces even more customer relations problems by the worlwide release of a kindle book on how a lawyer is alleged to have assulted and elderly woman to allegedly change her will where his firm gained and many more besides according to this latest kindle worldwide release.

The book goes into lots of details that Bartletts of Chester has failed to answer, they even agreed to a joint medical expert and then when the medical expert agreed with the claimiant then through out their Dummy’s in a fit of rage.

Dr Jones has over 300,000 followers on Social networks and has been fighting for legal justice since as he alleges his mother was murdered to gain from the sale of her guest house now valued at 1.2m but Bartletts solicitors wanted to sell at bottom end at 450k+ shocking.

If you follow this real life story on Dr Jones twitter feeds and other social media links Bartletts took Dr Jones to court for 100k of care bills they then got award 6k in court costs and as soon as Dr Jones challanges the care bill it then turns into £827 care bills and point blank refuses to share any paperwork showing where the 100k came from and while all this goes on the SRA fails to act.

This firm based in Liverpool and the MD s brother in chester has already been fined £300,000 from the previous regulator all very easy to find and understand!

This book might be the most comprenshive probate document as it shows what could happen and has been allowed to take place, once warned one is more educated and informed?



Click on the link below, book now for sale at £1.00