By | December 13, 2019


Ruth Davidson will be swiming naked over loch Ness as she promised but then again given Boris claims of dying in a ditch she might just claim she walks on water or should we now say not anymore?

It looks like disaster for the torries north of the boarder and if the SNP gets over 50 seats its game over for the union.

If Boris can’t win in Scotland now they never will, hopefully Ruth can swim better then her new party leader Boris.

The rub for this election when brexit gets done will swing all taken labour seats yesterday back to red seats in less than 5 years time.

Scotland will go independent, as he will turn out to be the most hated political figure in Scottish history not because of his policies but the way he sells them and if leaving Europe turns into a nightmare, Scotland will devide from the rest of the UK as we won’t have a choice but to leave.

Although I am looking forward to ruthies swim should be a fun watch and a highlight of this years general election.