By | January 8, 2020


We told you all our readers 12 years ago Donald Trump was a complete nut job and by the time this post reaches the web we could all be dead!

He kills a general and thinks thats OK, he warns Iran if you attack us we will attack you ten times harder and we all know where that leads do we?

We told you he was a bully and now we are proved right yet again?

Why because he thought save my skin who cares how many innocents die I have my ego to uphold.

The UK Government thinks it was a great idea Killing this general why because we want a trade deal with the yanks common guys lets think about this Nut Job Trump threatens with my weapons are bigger stupid jibes is this the guy for real?

We told he was a big child but did anyone listen 12 years ago, nope!

The way to fix this easy is cuff him and send to the netherlands as a war criminal you cant go out killing top generals and think thats OK if other tinpot countries did the same the world would be up in arms, this is all nuts, Trump is nuts Americans needs to get rid of this nut job soon or its toast for us all very soon indeed?