By | March 15, 2020


Nearlly all of Scottish masonic lodges will this week close due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

All lodges in Aberdeen will be closed from Monday on until further notice and most of Scotland will follow suit.

Most side orders were also closed down last Friday night.

In Scotland this Wednesday, Aberdeen’s very own Sons Of the Soil 1451 was going to be hosting one of the largest 3rd degrees of the season for three brethern where around 20 UGLE, English Masons was booked to travel to that event, now cancelled to ensure their safety.

This virus could if the hype is true devestate the countries masonic memberships and we could all hope and prey our fellow brethren will be safe and well in the next few months. SMIB

Sons Of The Soil 1451 is one of Scotlands best known lodges and has one of the largest facebook pages in the world.