UK Mortgage payments to be Frozen or suspended because if Italy can do it theres no excuse from the UK Government going forward.

Point is if worst comes to pass thousands will die, thousands will be left to ill to work and to top it off who will care if they dont pay!

Central banks have cut interest rates to virtually zero, 0% interest rates makes no difference to the poor or the inform.

Does nothing for homeless people besides no-one is ever going to get evicted as courts will close down if things get really bad and then theres going to be a 5 year backlog to evict so the common sense approach to follow Itlay’s lead and show the balls to get things done because the markets need this more than the people.

People putting preasure on the banks profits is a sure fire way of a meltdown all over again and Italy knows that more than anyone its time we went ahead of the curve rather than always trying to catching up but its the Boris so theres no chance of UK MORTGAGE PAYMENTS BEING FROZEN AFTER ALL.