No extra income for the UK’s most sick and disabled people in the land yet loads of dosh being pledged for businesses is the wrong approach to get the virus under control.

How is it possible to control the movement of prople if the weakest groups in the UK goes even further behind in the earnings stakes.

UK’s disabled and sick is already one of the poorest paid in Europe so if they get any poorer or those in work gets loads of extra money to survive will only make things much worse,

Every medical expert says the virus attacks the medical weak therefore if anyone should get extra money to survive is the weak and sick in our communities.

Health SEC stated he could not live on ESA money in normal life what chances will they be able to survive under these conditions.

ESA payments is laughable if there was no virus out there with it and no extra money is the answer that will just make things much worse self isolation for 4 months on the lowest income will never work for poor sick and disabled people and if Boris and Co thinks it will there even more deluded fools then this author thought, I say good luck to the ruling classes fix this tomorrow or its just going to get a whole lot worse and this will kill millions and it will be their own faults!

They are now terrified to shutdown London for fear of what that will do for their shareholdings and investments but claims they dont want to spook the markets, they all was pick the wrong choices for the poorest in our land but will always look after their friends and here we thought they were here for us all well its time they proved it and looked after the sick and disabled not their rich friends?