Nationwide Bank Threatens customer whistleblower with a banning and removal order from being a member of their society even though many court cases are still all on-going.

On Thursday the 21st of Jan 2020 an email was received by a Dr Jones who is in dispute with both Probate Specialists BLM Law and the Nationwide Building Society over his late mothers estate Mrs Mavis Banks who died in 2015.

In Feb 2020 after Dr Jones and Nationwide were in correspondence with each other then the branch decided to transfer nearly £49000 of the deceased Nationwide account to Dr Jones Nationwide account where it stayed intact till Oct 2020 where the Nationwide in their wisdom decided to empty the account without notice or warning because BLM law had requested the money for a Tax inheritance bill from HMRC in July when everyone in Chester knew the late Mavis Bank ran the very popular Capital Guest House so there was no BPR to pay to start with?

Dr Jones has been in dispute with both BLM and Nationwide ever since, there certainly seems to be strong evidence of collusion within both parties as far as International Scotland investigations are concerned.

This where it gets really interesting, BLM’s Mr B******** asks Nationwide for the money on the 27th of July 2020 even though it’s claimed they never knew monies they were actually responsible for from Jan 2020 had been transferred in Feb.

Roll on October 2020 Nationwide removes £49000 from a customers bank account without warning or even a court order is quite frankly downright scary!

Since then Dr Jones has rightly complained to Nationwide’s directors and senior management at the end of 2020 they admitted they were at fault and paid £300 in compensation to Dr Jones but did not reinstate his £49000 funds back into any nationwide account and frozen that account until no-longer in dispute there oh no in October transferred the money directly to BLM bank account and not back into Mavis Banks close accounts and as they were fully aware there was an ongoing banking ombudsman’s dispute opened no society members funds should have been transferred out of their control?

It now turns out BLM never even had the correct right to the monies in the first place as the then so called executor was in fact a client of his own firm and was in the process of asking the high court to be released but never told the bank.

On the 4th of Jan 21 BLM s solicitor made a statement of truth declaration claiming Dr Jones had in effect stolen this £49000 when he must have known it was fully intact in a BLM bank account but made no such court declaration and effect libelled Dr Jones in the quite frankly disgusting behaviour from a partner of BLM which proclaims as being the UK’s top probate experts, god help everyone else then.

So roll on today and Dr Jones is warned if he continues to request information of wrongdoing by bank employees he will be removed as a society member which should ring alarm bells for all bank members and fill them with utter dread!

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Dr Jones is only guilty of alerting Directors and managers of potential wrongdoing and protecting society members interests yet customer relations either wants to silence him or the directors of Nationwide does shows there’s something else going on here as there’s lots and lots of unanswered questions for example Dr Jones requested several SAR’s yes they answered each of them but sent it by Adobe Security PDF without the passwords to see the responses I kid you not!

Dr Jones contends that his mother was killed for her estate worth £1 million pounds where the first removed executor employee was named in a Liverpool probate case in 2019 as hitting the late Mavis Bank in order to change her will!

Editors notes- This shows levels of collusion at worst or utter incompetence on behalf of the Nationwide Bank or on both a Partner and company of the so-called best probate firm and so-far no-one seems to care not the SRA that turns a blind eye to solicitors dishonesty as evidenced by thousands of trust pilot reviews to be not fit for purpose.

If any media outlet wishes to contact Dr Jones regarding this in the public interest article please see below?

Dr Jones FRSM
MBA, PhD, Ma, PgDip :.
Freeman of the City of London

Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.
Fellow of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital (2010)
Fellow of NESTA (2002)

Alumnus of London Business School. (2005)