Regular readers of this consumer scams blog will no-doubt be absolutely amazed what’s being going on between UK probate kings BLM Law, Bartlett’s of Chester and SDL property auctions.

Next week we are going to release facts about this case that will rock the probate world after documents were released to the main beneficiary of this said estate.

BLM Law bemoans this website for telling the truth and nothing but the truth and hate us for it, at this stage it seems just about everyone after Bartlett’s somehow got roped in and all in aid of protecting the first executer of the estate, we have now learned that Bartlett’s of Chester is now doing the same tricks to the lady next door to this estate looks like a major development is being secretly planned and manipulating the their estates value downwards to maximise profits is the name of the final game and is a cover up of a crime and legal frauds perhaps taking place and it seems no-one cares?

Well we do and the only reason we have not today is BLM Law has been passed a dossier to their directors to first respond to first or the beans will be spilt on this site its quite a story and a film is already in the works but it has enough content to be a 8 part blockbuster series and includes two legal eagles both in the top UK 500!

We have repeatedly asked for a press releases to our investigations with zero reply!

If the top firms can run a business model such as above they are the ones profiteering for the deceased estates not their family members and the laws need to be changed in such respect, the gravy train has to STOP!

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