England Probate Price Fixing Scams, we have been reporting on thi9s subject what seems now forever but with more and more victims coming out of the woodwork it seems we are getting to grips with who the victims and winners really are and it will be no surprise to learn it won’t be the family!

This saga began when Bartlett’s of Liverpool brothers Chester branch bought over other legal firms to accumulate Wills and estates this may not have been the main reason but try telling that to victims of this very clever legal scam (oldest secret solicitors business model) .

First part is to identify potential victims usually rich elderly predominately ladies but not exclusively so and then get GP’s preverbally with enough baggage to get them to do their dirty work in this exact case the Dr that signed the death certificate and made the arrangements to trap her in a nursing home in order for others to steal her home he was one Dr Bland who was found guilty a few years later with 2000 images of children.

Anyone reading this in the vicinity of the north west may instantly raise awareness of their loved ones may also have fallen to this scam in the past.

Basically law firms buy up other firms with lots of potentially large probate portfolios in this particular case Bartlett’s of Chester ran up legal bills of £80,000 even though none of the case file was correct and he still gets his rewards even though he was removed/step down as principle executer, this is shocking yet the SRA says nothing to do with us gov!

Other regulators are looking into this dreadful legal case roll on to the next court appointed executer James Beresford of BLM Law, supposedly the best probate law firm in the country, yen right on tommy.

Within a few months he was repeating the same crap of £100k care bills that have never existed presuming to protect the previous lawyers alleged legal frauds and cover-ups, he also repeated a claim a £4500 funeral bill had not been paid when the family member has the receipt and the bank statement confirming it had been paid in 2015, six years earlier!

These top probate firms at best are incompetent or at worst thieves, anyway shortly afterwards poor Mr Beresford then becomes a client of BLM and stops sending letters or communications with the last family beneficiary.

BLM asked the nationwide bank to remove £48500 from a personal bank account belonging to the family member without a court order or even the letters of administration. They claim its for the HMRC but the property was a business and has BPR, Numpties!!! BLM states they have a zero tolerance in HMRC crimes unless of course they are doing it themselves, it seems to us at this stage? Moreover 18 months later no paperwork has ever been sent regarding this mega potential legal fraud crimes.

During this time 2 multi-million businesses tries to buy the property for £1m the family member puts in a SAR and guess what, turns out BLM was asked by Bartlett’s of Chester not to entertain these bids and the new executer strangely does nothing infect it turns out BLM never even contacted or even return emails both offers could not even be commenced and given the Liverpool probate court stated the property had to be sold for less than £750k this is bizarre or just another prime example of probate price fixing by engineering the property to sell for a lesser amount than its true values.

Then when BLM finds out the family member starts legal action Mr Beresford than goes to the probate office and stops the sale of the property by using his name ONLY to enter a caveat so the family member cant sell this property for over £1m  this is enough to get him disbarred but then again the legal profession looks after their own in the probate world its certainly big business.

The family member then starts a legal battle to remove James Beresford as executer and after many battles it got referred back to Liverpool High court but in the meantime Poor James so desperate to offload decides its a great idea to sell the property anyway using auction house SDL they in turn claim after another SAR that they have no contact with poor James only BLM compliance team who even stranger still wont sign any correspondence yet another breach of the said regulations?

Now this gets even worse they sell this £!m property for just £500,000 (price fixing) and ignore Town and County valuation of over £750,000 plus then when you think it cant get any worse SDL has now extended the sale 5 times with some poor sod still waiting to be told if he’s the winner or it may well be the price fixing partner in crime it just seems very strange a bidder would still be live when its not part of the terms and conditions of the sale at all?

This now turns out to be third victim the family member has now discovered with very similar victim stories, we have asked SDL, BLM and Bartlett’s for a press release and been totally ignored!

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