By | October 19, 2021


Legal Action has began against BLM Law’s James Beresford and Bartlett’s of Chester after a judge ruled in their favour 2 weeks ago even though 3 hours of evidence was completely ignored and not even once mentioned in his summing up shows just how corrupt the North west probate practices have become.

The action was to stop BLM LAW James Beresford from selling an estate £300,000 less at the behest of Bartlett’s of Chester where Beresford also ignored two bids of 1 million pounds and never even contacted the prospective buyers in 2020 yet in 2021 asked SDL Auctions to sell the same property for only £450,000 and the judge at Liverpool that sits on the High court benches says the lawyers did nothing wrong.

If your rich be very, very afraid of your families future wealth management if your wills are connected with these law firms because the last thing they will do is try to maximise your estates net worth if they want any part of your estate or for their friends and cohorts.

Just how these firms can run up legal bills of £750,000 shows how corrupt probate cases in England have become yes people can work hard to leave a valuable estate but once probate firms get a sniff its they that wants it, your family has no-chance!