By | November 22, 2021


One of Youtube’s fastest growing Ecommerce channel and greatest business Guru’s,  Monaco based Mr. Mario Radosavljevic has just released yet another stunning video on how to get a bank loan with a bad credit history?


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How to get a loan with bad credit is what I cover today. 🔥 TIPS: https://www.ecommercebusinesstutorial… Follow my advice to understand the bank’s loan department structure because this is essential to understand how to get a loan with bad credit. PLEASE, PLEASE, SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON, AND PLEASE SUBSCRIBE IF YOU LIKE MY VIDEOS; IT HELPS ME PRODUCE SO MUCH MORE CONTENT FOR YOU! ⏹ SUBSCRIBE ⏹ WEBSITE: https://www.ecommercebusinesstutorial… INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK:… In banks are people working that use a specific LANGUAGE as their primary tool to work and to communicate. People’s biggest mistake when applying for a loan is to do it online because your primary weapon called “language and body language” gets lost. They judge you simply on the fact that you did not pay in the past, and you have zero chance to explain what happened. GAME OVER! It is astonishing how people count themselves off to get a loan just because they know they have debt. I did not pay in the past, and OK, I will apply, but I don’t see any chance myself to get funds. With this mindset, they are going into the bank, and guess what? You are displaying this belief in your body language and every single word that leaves your mouth. I said already in the very beginning how important language and body language are in the bank, so guess how your chances are now? Right, ZERO! YOUTUBE:… and please COMMENT 👇👇👇