I will guide you as a Online eCommerce Business Ideas Advisor in eCommerce, optimize your online presence, Website, sales funnel, Youtube, and social media sales strategy.​


You have tried everything, but you still don’t see the results you want?


I will guide you on Online ecommerce business ideas advisor and how to be successful with e-commerce, optimize your online presence, website, sales funnel, YouTube, and social media sales strategy. Endless hours of work, sweat, blood, and tears you have invested in your idea, business, or brand, but nothing works.

Yes, there are days where it seems like the clouds are leaving, and the darkness gets brightened up but not for long.
Staring at a computer screen and watching others online having success, and you don’t, is driving you crazy.

The real slap in the face you get when you find a video of them or a statement that they made, and you hear them saying things about business, and you take a moment to lean back and think to yourself, “Goddamn, how stupid is he or she, and how the hell did they make it without a bit of existence of intelligence?” Let me tell you so much, you are not alone.

I remember when I was sitting in front of my laptop, I did not know if I should scream, cry or simply throw the piece of electronics against the wall. One of the worst things I experienced was that I was feeling stupid and helpless and was looking for hundreds of reasons why I failed.

In the end, I spent more time analysing what went wrong with me and how nobody was there to support me to get this thing running. Depression, aggression, and agonies were the result day in and day out. It sounds weird, and it is, but it’s the truth. YouTube finally changed my life.

Call it an accident. I was invited to a Lamborghini race in Monza, Italy, to discuss a possible partnership with the motorsports director of Lamborghini to produce the racing rims for them in the future. The crazy thing is the person that invited me is a guy I know from Facebook, and he owns a vast Lamborghini racing team. And he said, “There is an opportunity. If you are interested, I will invite you to the next race and put you on a table with the Lamborghini Squadra Corse Manager.” For weeks, I’ve been thinking about what I will say and how I will present myself as now I’m a nobody and for sure not worth
becoming a Lamborghini partner so much self-doubt was created that I didn’t believe I would ever get this done, but I went there. Roberto Tanka was the guy that made this possible, and we share a wonderful friendship these days. The meeting went just as I expected, and I did not get the contract, not because I was too small, but because I missed any self-esteem and confidence to get this thing on track.

On the way back home, I had to drive through Monte Carlo Monaco, and I booked a hotel room for one night on the way back. “What a mess,” I thought because I’m already tight on money, and I’m also paying for a hotel in Monaco. It looks like I’m a certain kind of stupid.

These were my thoughts these days. I was sitting in the lobby of the Hotel Meridian in Monaco, and I had my coffee while watching, interested in all the people moving around. And what I recognized immediately was the body posture of the guys and the way they talked to the people. It was between intimidating others and screaming tons of self-esteem all over. And the very first time in my life, I saw these are two things I don’t have, not like these guys. So I started my own investigation on what else I was missing. You can call me everything, but not that I’m too embarrassed to ask. So I started a conversation with a couple of guys. I had their attention quick after telling them that I was coming back from a meeting with Lamborghini. I simply wanted to know how they made it to live in Monaco and how they succeeded with their businesses. The answer from all of them was the same, and it was beyond shocking. Cultivating the habit of being in a constant positive mood is more challenging than you think.

Still, once you master this, your decision and aura, especially when you meet decision-makers, will be on another level. What will happen is that you will leave a state of being a victim of any type of circumstances, and you will free your mind to learn what needs to be done to become successful with e-commerce or anything you want. I have learned that the first lesson on how to successfully identify what is wrong and how to structure a new way because all you have done till now brought you to this point. And if this point was not your end goal, you better overthink if you are right and all the owners are wrong.

Number one,
teach yourself to be positive 24/7, no matter how hard your day is.

Number two,
learn to identify problems and your weaknesses.

Number three,
identify your goal where you want to be.

Number four,
identify where you are now.

Number five,
create a new strategy with help from people that succeeded.

Number six,
execute the strategy with help from people that succeeded.

Number seven,
learn how to sell like a pro even if you don’t have products to sell because you sell yourself to the world every second.

Number eight,
learn how to use social media to your advantage without posting pictures that convert zero customers.

Number nine,
learn how to talk because the best seller is the one that doesn’t sell.

Number 10,
learn what the problem is with your website and why you are nowhere
in the search results.

These are the basics that must be mastered before we can talk about some most profound strategies. Following these steps turned my businesses into money-making machines and me into a happier and super motivated person. I was able to execute this and turn my businesses into a success story because I had professionals on my side that was successful themselves.

You can’t go to the Olympics without proper training. The professional coach, except you, goes there to clean the locker rooms.
But if you want to compete, no way you will do it alone. If you’re going to write your own success story, contact me, and we will go this way together. I’m already teaching so much for free on my YouTube videos that will help you out. But analysing particular cases takes time, and we have to do these one-on-one.

The good news is once you learn this from me on how to be successful, you can turn every other new business with the same strategy into a money-making stream and repeat this as often as you want. I’m living proof with 24 brands and companies. Invest in yourself and your future. This is not a year-long process. In a couple of months, you will be like the guys you’re following on Instagram or better.

Until then, thank you very much, and I’ll see you at the top.