Car write off valuation taken on the 9th of feb 2022 showing its value at circa 101k miles.

Aviva Online only policy complaints is a nightmare, they are cheap for a reason that’s not to say they have good points including ease of use.

But make a claim and your in all sorts of bother if your car is deemed to be a write off, first they don’t tell you till you use the chat line in my case a full 8 days.

UPDATE ON Friday the 18th of Feb 2022.

Aviva has capitulated admitted to several processes failing and fully paid out the full Market value £3450 plus £200 in compensation for being lied to on several occasions, its good to see Aviva stepping up and delivering but the thread remains so they and you can learn from this story.

Then you have to call the total loss team who don’t follow regulations set by their regulator in my case car was retailing at £3500-4300 they offered just 1850 without even seeing the car!

I said no so they still wanted their COPART partner to take my write off of course they cant do that till both parties agree to the said value.

Its true both the online chat and call handlers at Aviva is very good but they dont often talk to one another and worse still the online policy holders cant get the chat team from Asia to overturn anything UK Aviva says, so its a living nightmare getting to the right department.

They are also disputing the fact at a write off they dont give retail values only trade this is illegal and the regulators would only use the likes of Parkers and HPI Validations and at a push Whatcar who use Calpack for Valuations.

Of course I fully understand insurance companies are struggling with ever increasing car values due to new cars not being manufactured due to lack of micro-chips.

Car insurers are not slow the other way around when cars are losing values though so we are where we are.

The image above shows my exact car including my reg plate so Aviva can review everything I have said here.

Today a very nice chat tech guy sent £1850 to me by bank transfer and the dispute for the rest is still ongoing (without prejudice) which is a good thing Aviva has done and should be applauded and should be warmly welcomed buy others and to be fair its only been 13 days since the accident occurred.

I would like to still stay with Aviva they have been excellent but these online only policies are only good if no claims are made but they should incorporate their normal policy holders on to the online accounts as changing policy details is amongst the best we have seen.

I will keep our many readers upto date with this saga until completed and a settlement fully agreed with the parties!

ALSO as this post is stamp dated Aviva cant say I have agreed to the partial payment of £1850 as a full settlement figure either.

Here’s my honest review on trust-pilot if they do the right thing I will update that post and this one but not holding my breath, Aviva reviewed by happybunny on 13/02/2022 (trustpilot.com)

UPDATE; Aviva paid the full valuation of £3400 and paid £200 compensation for his distress.

Shows if you stick in and hold your ground god Shiver will reward you because if your not in you cant win it, besides that’s what we pay insurance for. Plus we have to give Aviva credit where its due!