We have warned the UK property market for years that Property Price Fixing is off the Scale now we have enough evidence of crimes against the elderly that’s so rife not only Cheshire has severe victims but almost every part of the country is infected and is costing HMRC billions in lost revenues.

In Cheshire we have Bartletts, Matthews, BLM Law SDL and CAVENDISH all part of the devilish price fixing scammers all doing what the can to divvy up the property market fix it so properties sells for half price then six months later flip them all for a massive profit and who loses the victims of the crimes including the inland revenue.

But who are the enablers well they need the HMRC, NATIONAL BANKS, BENT JUDGES, BENT COPPERS, BENT COURTS, BENT DOCTORS, BENT SRA, BENT NURSING HOMES BENT COUNCIL OFFICIALS in fact they are all getting into the act its so bad its very doubtful it can be stopped at all!

The probate lawyers evade the courts, they can charge what they like and get bent judges to make sure if you dare question anything they do you TO pay for all their costs to the point where victims quickly give up its so bad even the politicians turns a blind eye especially if their partners are in the trade its really quite scary.

The country is going to the dogs so this crime is easy to hide at this time.

The good news is people are starting to get wise more and more is starting to fight back and even in Chester Bartlett’s is actively being perused