After a recent PayPal dispute against HostPapa after 12 years of being a loyal customer they tried to bribe someone into accepting their refund policy rather than PayPal’s because they were more worried about brand damage is outrageous.

Host papa sent a a 2 year renewable hosting contract 15 days before it was due for nearly $1000 for the BUSINESS PRO product 15 seconds later they requested and got the exactly the same amount from Paypal.

The customer was outraged and contacted international Scotland.

The customer made a novice mistake of making the complaint of fraud but corrected this within 24 hours to services not received!

A written complaint was also made to host papa which turned nasty really quickly and before the customer knew what was happening PayPal refunded the $1000 and host papa spat the dummy out and suspended the customers account which meant they lost access to 40 websites their entire folders, files, graphics and email boxes over a 12 year period.

This is outrageous in this day and age and they were more worried about their brand reputation than that of their loyal customers interests.

Now we argued this was Unfair contract terms here in the UK because the customer still had 8 days of their 2 year contract left to run that was as we understand it also paid via PayPal 2 years earlier!

This means Host Papa can-not be trusted UNLESS they bribe you to except their terms and conditions that might be great in Canadian consumer law but not in Europe!

The customer was advised by PayPal NOT to except this hosting’s terms and conditions but wait till they decided the case of course when the customer sent this as follows as evidence it was game over:

In order for access to be restored I would advise reaching out to PayPal with a view to overturning the dispute, once this is completed we can restore access and – as detailed previously – a refund can be issued via standard means. If this is not agreeable then the account will remain closed in line with our Terms of Service.
Richard M.
Program Manager
HostPapa Inc.

I guess the above says it all, if a customer is told by the payment company to do as they say and hostpapa says that breaches our terms and conditions then get prepared to lose all your sites and email accounts and being held to ransom is the norm of the hostpapa way.

We can only inform and warn that you and your clients be be in for a terrible customer service if you end up in a payment dispute plus of course if you decided to drop your dispute with paypal you cant start it up again if host papa refuses to refund you your in no-mans land.

We are happy to report HOSTINGER hosting helped to migrate 19 websites and the customer is overjoyed she got 4 years hosting at 5 times the loading speed for a fith of the price what hostpapa wanted for 2 years is fantastic for this customer and we love hostinger services ourselves they are loads better than the really slow hostpapa servers.