By | May 23, 2022


Poor James Beresford who used to be BLM Laws top dog for scamming a probate in Chester has left the law firm, was he booted after the BLM CLYDE merger or did he run away?

This top legal 500 super hero to some, villain to most and using media reputation guru’s to protect and remove all bad stories even though they were 100% true there will be no hiding place for him.

We have so many top ranked stories on this website yet not once has he claimed they are untrue that’s because we don’t publish stuff we can’t back up in writing, even Donald Trump admits grudgingly to that corker!

Of course before he took his leave BLM Law was up-to their normal legal dirty tricks by claiming their client James Beresford was still there boy and claiming he was directing his actions on behalf of them at the court of appeal when in fact they were committing legal fraud by misrepresentation.

You got to hand it to that BLM Law real nasty crooks was that the last thing they did before the merger of the heavy insurance hitters Matthew Kelsall CEO of Clyde & Co & partners?

Probably NOT, So was Clyde & Co aware before putting pen to paper that these Probate scammers were hard at work ripping of clients for their wealthy estates and using judges and court clerks as enablers in this white collar crimes?

Lets give Clyde & Co the benefit of the doubt for the time being but Dr Jones has sent a email to Clyde and Company CEO Matthew Kelsall today hopefully he can be trusted to do the right thing or it will just be more of the same!