By | May 26, 2022


Yet again the UK Government has totally failed the disabled people on legacy benefits yet again by only giving them £150 in a one off payment.

How many times do disabled people on legacy benefits have to explain to everyone else that most cant get universal credit even if the wanted to as they are simply NOT allowed to even claim this means tested benefit.

The reason is universal credit computers can only work on claimants that have NO tax free benefits as well for this reason over 2 million disabled people in the UK is being continually being left behind.

The labour party fails to recognise this is stunning, the Tory party is clueless and the SNP is the only ones that gets this clearly unfair and discriminatory approach.

The Government has just released this press release; The significant intervention includes a new, one-off £650 payment to more than 8 million low-income households on Universal Credit, Tax Credits, Pension Credit and legacy benefits, with separate one-off payments of £300 to pensioner households and £150 to individuals receiving disability benefits – groups who are most vulnerable to rising prices.

Something that was NOT mentioned in the Sunak Statement in the commons was it a slight of hand or just a slip up, even main media outlets are NOT reporting it includes Legacy Benefits?

Of course this now opens the door as to why the Government fought the 20 quid uplift case so hard to start with.

legacy benefits 2022-05-26 image.

But there’s yet another twist only if your legacy benefit is means tested which must mean only those on UC will get the payments and only if the HMRC administrates that payments which locks out 2 million disabled people again?