Ghost Spectre OS Windows11 22H2 W/O Defender Review.

Ghost Spectre 11 22H2 W/O Defender.

If M/S played the game with consumers and never spied so much on them, then Ghost Spectre 11 22H2 would not exist, and that’s the starting point.
I get it, this is a win 11 forums, but others are generally wants to know it’s safe or not and after testing all on very high machines I can’t hack any ghost installation on my local network, so it’s as safe as houses.
The main point about it all is making it as slimmed down as possible, and as an 61-year-old official MS beta tester, I love these distros.
Some say it hacks windows and it kind of does to a point, but there are many simply telling porkies online about this ghost first it is free and yes it does fully update ALL M/S updates and that’s the great thing about it.
When users first use it, it has a great feature that MS should use themselves, it has a file explorer to check if the user has forgotten about any important documents or files.
USERS at setup can choose whether to install defender, I personally hate it, so I don’t use it.
If you are using say an 8th gen intel CPU, then general performance gains are around 20% plus out of the box, tested on an HP 1030 X360 G4 8265U CPU.
It helps the memory bandwidth and the GEN 3 Samsung drives by around 10%.
On a high-end gaming laptop like for example my DELL G-15 5521 with a 12700H and a full 140W RTX 3060.
I also use the new GEN 4 NVMe Kingston KC3000 with Ghost, increases performance from 48000 to 57000 on passmark 10.2
The RTX 3060 on the same 3D test produces over 22,000 points which is the average score from the 175W RTX 3080 this is bonkers, and it’s mostly due to the Ghost spectre OS.
On 2d Test it produces between 1200–1400 scores which beats the RTX 3090 Desktop average which simply gamers can’t attain on stock 11 OS.
CPU scores suffer and lose between 2000-3000, but who cares when gaming, but not to sure why this is as yet.
The greatest thing in its favour is the desktop Ghost toolbox in every version, it allows you to add and remove all the Windows 11 features and a lot more besides, it is fantastic.
Now there is only one downfall, there is no way you can add your own MS key to this OS however the developer must have official MS blessing because there is a PowerShell option to validate the said instal and if MS did nor want it they could have stopped it at source.
A simple search on type how to validate Ghost Spectre you’re looking for the GitHub post
Right click start menu and enter into the PowerShell cmd and copy and paste cmd.
So if MS has learned anything at all from either Tiny Windows or Ghost Spectre is users hate being spied on and won’t allow it on the next OS release.
For newbies there is loads of tutorials on YouTube how to do these instal, it’s as easy as it gets.
If you have a large drive simply create partitions to keep your games and docs on the drive all the time and only update the OS once you do spectre USB you get 4 options but with the included toolbox everything can be added and instead of home you now get BitLocker pro version and VM by default.