Bing and Yahoo guilty of taking bribes to remove websites from search engines that dare to tell the truth about agents of crime syndicates that pray on the old and weak.

Bing and Yahoo guilty of taking bribes to remove websites from search engines and we have proof of this practices happening by so called PR Management teams in the British legal industry.

We know for sure by way of subject to access requests from one of the worst legal probate companies in the Northwest of England telling more agents of doom BLM Law that was taken over by even more dubious legal traders Clyde and company that we have the means to shut down all websites that wish to report their dodgy of legal practices on the web.

Pierre Barlett of Bartlett’s of Chester and head office in Liverpool where his brother John Bartlett seems to be the front man told James Edward Beresford and his sidekick Charlotte Pritchard that they money to search engines all the time to remove entire websites from the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo that is entirely true in favour of us criminals so no one finds out the truth of what we do to any properties we want to steal and keep the said sale proceeds.

In this case Bartlett ran up a £100,000+ debt that simply never existed purely to control the estate of the late Mavis Banks 32 Hoole RD, Chester, UK.

  1. Bartlett eventually got himself removed by his best mate Judge Hodge, one of the most talked about probate judges, even the traveling folk knows him well apparently for all the wrong reasons.

But even though Bartlett got caught red handed defrauding the estate judge Hodge admonished his behaviour reported his actions to no one including the utterly useless SRA in fact Judge Hodge awarded him costs from the estate to the tune of £80,000 for expert legal services even though he was caught telling porkies to the tune of £90,000 – great work if one can get it, proof crime pays in the probate courts of the North west legal profession.

Hopefully for every one’s sake judge Hodge retires soon, James Bereseford before this case was a legal 500 top solicitor, a top STEP member and supposedly the top probate legal brain in the UK, not anymore, he’s not!

Of course, and reported every dodgy legal move these jokers and legal firms made.

That was when Bing and Yahoo started removing not only the articles but the entire site, now the thing to remember here is the editors of these sites are ex Google and Bing webmaster Guru’s and they know its one thing to remove articles but the entire site takes some doing in fact its impossible these days without direct hacks taking place.

So, these sites were not hit externally but directly at source on the search engines themselves Bing stated to start with it was the site its self that failed but after closer inspection they stated it was 100% rock solid and switched on all 500 plus internal pages this has not been removed several times and Bing has no clue who is behind it.

This means that no European website is safe and is open to be taken down just like a DOS, denial-of-service attack, only its safer for the hackers and criminals hard at keeping their working models safe from prying eyes.

To see why these criminals on the inside of the legal profession is so scared of please visit either or