Asus Cashback including Asus rate my gear products are some of the best scams on the web right now and require participating Asus E-retailers to make it almost impossible for customers to get a payout.

Asus has been running cashback for a while now and when you apply they want customers to;

1/ Upload your invoices.

2/ Give your Bank’s IBAN details and not your account and sort code yet when applying for the rate my gear promotion the simple way is what is required.

Let us make this clear, in order for Asus product purchasers to get very small sums of money back you have to jump through some amazing hoops that make it almost impossible to claim and require some very good I.T skills to complete the forms.

Asus makes you wait between 4–10 weeks after you purchase anything before you claim, which means most customers either forget or can’t be bothered, as it’s lots of hassle for very little financial gain.

The worst scam is 2-fold. First, after you get through all these trap doors they then tell you, you have to allow another 90 working days to get a pitiful amount of cashback, which is a further 18 weeks to wait on top of the 10–12 weeks before applications open at all!

The worst one is the rate my Gear promotion, in that one you have to write an Asus product and get it published on the same site you purchased the item from and if the retailer fails to publish it you get no £25, so it is a scam offer as it requires a third party to play ball.

Very clever Asus marketing has gone horribly wrong for the Asus customers thinking they will get a substantial discount when it is all pie in the sky and the participating Asus retailers are equally guilty of running these scams for Asus.

Asus may think this is great but all it does is make their trademark become even worse in the minds of loyal customers who simply won’t buy again knowing promotions are very hard to complete and even when you can they change the goalposts all the time.