Can Glencara of Ireland deliver on time, well in this reviewer’s view not at all in fact they missed three delivery dates in succession, but you can get your delivery paid back and at least 10% back in refunds some customers can get 20%.

A few readers had asked us to review them and as the wife wanted some trinkets for her birthday it was off to Glencara we went.

Their online website does not state any item is in stock other than you would think they were as the firm offers next-day delivery which can only mean they are in stock.

You only find that out the next day when they tell you all items are made to order but only after placing the order, sharp practice at best.

Our thoughts are it is all done by design, they offer payments by PayPal and this is the only payment method new customers should use.

After they miss the second delivery window, inform them you’re cancelling, and you want a refund on your PayPal account ask for a refund of your delivery charges as well.

The goods are OK but nothing exciting and seem to be too high street standard and pricing, but their gift was indeed better than the bought item so not complaining too hard.

Would be by again, no chance unless they changed their ordering system and the dreadful Trustpilot 1-star ratings turn around for the better.