By | August 8, 2019



The railway link to Levenmouth is to reopen after 50 years, after the SNP government confirmed that the £70 million project is to go ahead.

Today’s announcement is a huge step forward for Fife’s rail networks – and comes following a determined campaign led by local MSP Jenny Gilruth.

The Mid Fife and Glenrothes politician has lobbied hard for the line to be reopened, including a Holyrood debate, following which the Scottish Government instructed appraisal work to be undertaken.

The new railway, with stops in Leven and Cameron Bridge, will be combined with improved bus services as well as new cycling and walking infrastructure.

The SNP government has a strong record of investing in Fife – with £45.3 million for the new Levenmouth Academy, £400 million in superfast broadband, the £1.35 billion Queensferry Crossing, £4.5 million of spending on the new Intensive Psychiatric Care Unit at Stratheden Hospital, and £86 million for the new Fife College campus.

Mid Fife and Glenrothes MSP Jenny Gilruth said:

“After exactly 50 years since it closed, the Leven Railway will reopen under an SNP government – I could not be more proud or delighted by this news.

“This announcement has the potential to change lives and give the Levenmouth area a new lease of life. It will bring jobs, it will bring investment and it will create huge opportunities for future generations.

“I’m absolutely thrilled that the project has been given the green light by the Scottish Government. There will be lasting benefits for people across my constituency and beyond for years to come.

“Convenient, green transport links are essential for our future economy but also for getting more people on public transport as we tackle climate change.

“For local residents, for businesses, for visitors, for everyone – the impact the Levenmouth rail will have cannot go understated.”