By | August 16, 2019



Boris Johnson’s plans for a No Deal Brexit must not be allowed to jeopardise Shetland’s fishing trade with Europe, SNP candidate Tom Wills has said.

Speaking from Scalloway, alongside SNP MEP Alyn Smith, Wills branded the Tory government’s advice for exporting fish and seafood to Europe in the event of a No Deal as “shambolic”.

Published last week, the plan confirms that Scottish fishermen could be required to obtain an eyewatering six documents before they can export goods to Europe.

If the UK crashes out of Europe on 31st October without a deal, local seafood business in Shetland may have to obtain a catch certificate, an export health certificate, a prior notification form, a pre-landing declaration, a storage document and a processing statement before they can even send their catch to an EU border inspection post.

Currently, Scotland exports 75% of fish caught in our waters, with three quarters of that going to the EU.

Commenting after a visit to local business QA Fish, Tom Wills said:

“Shetland has a really successful and sustainable seafood industry. This plan published by the Tories underlines the devastating impact a No Deal Brexit will have on the local industry. We need to keep tariff free access to Europe.

“Our seafood is renowned across Europe, and here in Shetland, hundreds of people are employed in the industry which is worth millions to Scotland’s economy.

“Boris Johnson doesn’t have a clue – he’s more than prepared to sell out our local fishing industry to satisfy a small group of right-wing Brexiteer Tories.

“The SNP has always stood up for Scotland’s fishing industry. We oppose a one-size-fits-all approach and we will continue to support the decentralisation of decision making on local fisheries.”

Alyn Smith MEP, who is on the campaign trail with Wills in Shetland, added:

“This tells you all you need to know about who really cares about Scotland’s fishing industry.

“The Tories have consistently sold out Scotland’s fishing industry and any notion that Boris Johnson cares about the local industry here in Shetland has been well and truly busted.

“The SNP will continue to speak up for fishing in Europe to ensure local fishermen here in Shetland, and across Scotland, aren’t hammered by a No Deal Brexit.

“The best thing for fishing is to stop Brexit.”