By | August 22, 2019


I presented Petition Number 1673 to the Petitions Committee of the Scottish Parliament on 23rd November, 2017.    The original Petition was based on my personal experiences of the current system and called for an independent QC led investigation into every aspect of child protection in Scotland.   Since then a number of submissions have been made by Scottish Government.   Their response shows that there is either a cover up in the current system that has approximately 15000 children in care not at home or that the Government have no idea of the reality of the current situation.   Twice in debate of the Petition, the Convener  Johann Lamont, MSP has asked the question “is it the case that there is no support for families or is it a mind set that says children must go into care”.

Petiti9on 1673 is due to be back in front of the Committee on 5th September, 2019.    This year with the knowledge and information gleaned from the Petition 1673 network, I have made three further submissions to the Petition Committee.   IN the last submission the clerks adapted two further Petitions to be submissions in order that the issues could get before MSP quicker.    The latest submission requests that the Care Inspectorate be given powers to investigate individual complaints in child protection.    and for the law to be changed to make it a criminal offence for anybody to deliberately give misleading and false information to a Sheriff or a Childrens Hearing.

I would hope that you will watch the live debate re the Petition as well as circulating this email around your collegause and contacts.

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James A Mackie