Questions about 5G continue to be unanswered or simply ignored and although its trues no real evidence of harm caused by 5G transmission.

But its also true to say there is unaswered 5G questions the first is why its so important right now!

 Then theres the question of capacity not that you will hear anyone actually mention the word.

Reason they won’t mention the word capacity is because most of the country already has good 3 and 4G services.

So why do we need 5G at all at this time, they say its to provide the country with much needed bandwidth.

Years ago mobile users would be lucky to get through to loved ones a few hours after new year bells but theres loads of bandwidth left and thats a thing of the past?

Netflix needs just 2mb to play at 1080p 5mb to play 4k so what application needs to run at 1 terebyte beggars the question to be asked?

One question that has bugged me for ages still cant be answered by anyone?

Why is there so many 5G utility smart-meters that fail to work in upto 70% OF HOMES yet are not removed but stay active transmittiting a singal to no where, where the customer pays for the current going through the devices???

This was forced on the suppliers by the government and lots of the country knows it does not work so why was they not removed but its worse engineers fitting them left the jobs knowing full well they were faulty! WHY?

Why would they fit 5G smart meters when some households cant even get a 2G signal proves the government was either really stupid or there is a plan afoot that we simpltons are simply not in the loop.

My smart meter does not work and pumps out 23 on my EMF meter only 2 more the a home hub but its also trues to say plant life near these new metersdamage plant life upto 10-20m away and no-one knows why?