By | April 6, 2020


How is it possible the UK Goverment can draw up a list of the countries most vulnerable and virtully no one in the ESA Support Group has been ear-marked for any help at all?

Everyone knows the DWP ESA Support Group can only be some of most sickest people in the land and its a crying shame that very few if any is part of the the 1.5 milion thats said to be on this list?

On top of this very few if any information has been past on to third parties that can possibly help or even the armed forces and not tonight the shocking news Boris has been put into intensive care will only increase the panic for sake people,

We wish Boris a speedy recovery but this also shows when it was first announced he had the virus the country was never really told the truth and those worries will just intensify morem one thing you cant do in the UK is keep a secret so it wont be long before our tablets will find out exactly the truth here.