We reported a few days ago that BLM Law had evicted the son of the late Mavis Banks 32 Hoole Road in Chester through Mr. James Beresford, Partner BLM Liverpool during the Covid 19 pandemic.

The first executor Bartletts in Chester had to remove himself from the case because of alleged legal fraud building against them where in one prime example he told the court that from 2015 Mrs Banks estate owed £100,000 in care bills even though he did not tell the judge in 2019 it was a lie managed to get a damages award against the son for 6k and all the while had proof within his legal bundle on the day of the court that he knew the correct figure was only £800!

Because they never corrected the record Bartlett and Green committed a crime and its still not been reported in any shape or form back to the orginal judge and BLM Law a national legal firm knows these facts and they have not reported it either but will they after reading this? Well they have a moral duty to do so we guess its up to them but the truth will come out no matter how hard others try for it not too!

This could be the first ever probate case where both the first Executor and the court appointed Executor has had to remove themselves from the same case.

The first Executor had already received a huge fine from previous similar client indiscretions and the second court appointed one had published works telling how to do it proper probate law, oh well another that does not practice what they preach!

There is so much Alleged Legal Fraud going on it deserves a serious crime unit investigation to take place, it even has two Chester Police detectives one of which directly gains from the death of Mrs. Banks through the wills to the tune of 180k!

Not to mention Mrs. Banks accountant dying in very mysterious circumstances after Mrs Banks death and you have a great, WHO DONE IT?

The Chester readers will know the Story of Dr Bland who was struck off for being a convicted pedo who just happened to be Mavis’s  GP who just so happened to work in the same surgery across the street who was the husband of the accountant above and the local undertakers apparently terriffed of all parties and you quickly see how messey this all becomes and the detective  that gains is the one making sure no investigation takes place shows it has to be an outside Chester police force that fully investgates all parties for dirty hands?

Remember Shipman and the wests, much the samething happened there all turned a blind eye, same here!

They all have something in common and if we can see it, surely the keystone cops can as well?

The son managed to get evidence into court that stated medical evidence was so strong that a video statement form Mavis before she died stated a solicitor working for the first probate and still working for Bartletts hit her to force a change in her wills and now medical experts think she was murdered the corners office has now confirmed they have lost the inquest Tapes.

Can this shambles get any worse? Well yes because the SRA takes no action, so far watch this blog for future updates!

BLM says they will report any other solicitor for wrong doing but will they report themselves as they recently claimed this was NOT a guest house yet everyone on Hoole Road knows it was then and still is they just never bothered to ask anyone how professional were they?

They are supposed to be the best in the probate land and can’t even do a simple local search, they never even listened to HMRC who should really know the score on the doors, not a hope in hell!

There’s loads and loads of other stuff going on that would make you cry not to mention the fact there’s bills against the wills submitted on a N1 form that’s greater than the estate where all wills stated had to be paid first and guess what both Executors managed to completely ignore the facts its frightening and the SRA was told at every turn funny how they only go after small legal firms and ignore the big boys perhaps they are on the same gravy train as well!

One cant make this up and even though there’s 50,000+ extra deaths right now this case is screaming LEGAL FRAUD and no-one seems to care or is it a case of everyone knows its going on all the time so perhaps everyone has a bit of the pie robbing old folk blind, what has the country, England came too! Thank god am Scottish!

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