Unlawful Covid-19 eviction has allegedly taken in place in Hoole Road, Chester by the countries so-called top probate solicitors BLM LAW.

They changed the locks without notice and made a world famous and award winning children’s research doctor homeless without due care and in the present climate could be construed as very very serious by any forthcoming police investigations.

What part in the prime ministers statement did they not understand where there will be no-forced evictions while the country is facing a pandemic!

Apartently this law firm and the partner that was behind ordering the property to get its locks changed has won legal awards in the past must now be investigated by his fellow partners and the SRA?

This was reported on the same day the locks were changed as the said Dr could not enter his property in effect the un-named locksmith broke in and committed his own crime, so much so the offending partner panicked and asked his fellow partner troubleshooter to reply at once claiming they was NOT aware it was being lived in at the time shows thet have no-legal defence for their actions and they have still not given keys or reopened the property 3 days later?

This was reckless and totally unprofessional given the present national lockdown and given most of the country has shutdown there was no possible legal defence for their increditably stupid actions at this time and the Dr was not the only injured party in this saga.

BLM should hang their heads in shame and self report this matter to their regulators at once given there is legal requirements not to evict anyone while the lockdown is in place until at least June the 12th unless they think they are above the law of this land?

This could be the first UK based solicitor lead eviction in the land during lockdown what was they thinking? The partner that ordered this should face an internal disciplinary but and an external one as well but will they even report this to the SRA, we won’t hold our breaths!

No court would agree to this therefore it has to be deemed UNLAWFUL no-matter the rights implied or otherwise in dealing with this matter of probate and given how many disputed areas of probate contined within that has so far not been reported by any legal enabled side theres even less chance a court would allow such actions in the present climate?

If one reads the site from the link below the alleged £100,000 care bills from years ago reported to HMRC only for it then to be reported in a hidden legal bundle that the then law firm Bartletts of Chester failed to tell the court at the time as only being some £800 and this same BLM legal eagle thinks is NOT fraud shows how bad this case could be?

Simply put this could perhaps be legal fraud in its worst form, we understand this has already been put to the BLM Management and its compliance teams with zero replies, what is going on there one may ask themselves?

BLM website claims they are the best in the land and they have a zero tolerance in regards to alleged HMRC TAX FRAUD (well only on paper, IT SEEMS).

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What is the point of learning law when those entrusted to serve the people only to serve themselves and friends has to be rooted out once and for-all?

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