By | May 14, 2020


REBUY UK Best Used Mobile Buyers by far and pays more than all the UK mobile recylers by at least 20% and pays all transport costs its a no brainer.

International Scotland put them to the test last Friday went online to

Put my details in for a price of £153 for my pristine Samsung S8 Plus which was £25 more than the next best price, now with more mobile recylers trying their best to rob customers for stupid little inperfections it was interesting to see if these new kids on the block were just more of the same?

Below is a screen capture of the rebuy email sent to me confirming the price they would pay if I agreed they, then setup next business day DPD PICKUP.

REBUY UK Best Used Mobile Buyers image.



The next day at 12pm Rebuy stated they had recieved the phone and 55 mins lated the £153 was depoisted into my account with no drama and all from the comfort of my home, well done REBUY UK you passed the scammers beware blog with flying colors please keep up this outstanding service and we always give consummers credit where and when its due!

Rebuy Technology Recycle Group image

More info and official press release;

The UK becomes the seventh market reBuy has entered in across Europe.

German reCommerce company reBuy has launched in the UK with recycler Technology Recycle Group (TRG) as its UK partner.

reBuy specialise in buying back unwanted, broken and old mobile phones, with the Berlin-based reBuy posting turnover figures of €140 million for the 2018 financial year.

The UK is the seventh market it has entered in Europe, following ventures into Austria, France, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain.

The partnership has seen reBuy relaunch its website to include its processing partner TRG, who purchase the consumer electronics, with the products available through this website.

There are also plans later this year for offer a buyback service for tablets, consoles, camera and lenses, headphones, smart speakers, smart watches and MacBooks.

reBuy business development manager Lisa Damen said: “Last year we implemented various measures to increase customer satisfaction, set up new IT structures, invested in our reBuy team and worked on our automation processes.

“We have created a strong base and received funding of €21m. Now we are relying on the international scaling of our sustainable business model – which is absolutely right on time across Europe. ”