Anyone notice what Dominic Commings never said at his own story telling today in the rose garden at 10 Downing Street?

He stated his wife got it first then decided stuff this everyone here is dropping like flies am off to escape to Northeast England getting out while I can?

Perhaps not quite but lets examine his next statement he then went on to claim he came down with a sickness and lasted all the way through to day 14 anyone spot the mistake?

His COVID regs states if you have the virus after 7 days and you do NOT improve you have inform or call 101 and tell a medical team he did neither so we say Dominic Commings Never Had Covid 19 to start with because he then stated he or his wife was never tested anyone else find that wierd or just a story either way he now can’t prove it very easily!

He then states I drove 30 miles to see if my eyes were ok to drive why does he not just admit, I’am guilty as charged my lord driving while unfit to, what a numpty!

This guy is cheif political aid in the UK it just shows why there is so much anger and the police gets a signed confession my god can it get any worse?

Boris hates conflict period yet he says he will nuke any country, no he wont hes a spoilt bratt with a silver spoon and now everyone knows it, he is not fit for office as Dom is a great story teller.

If your a Tory we feel your pain but it wont go away yeasterday the ministers were saying his 30 mile drive was lies well, well no it was not what other crackers will we get tomorrow and the next days and weeks, can’t wait!

Why did none of the press ask this glaring question that was begging to be asked and responded too?

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