You dont’t need a medical certificate to spot the obvious that Trump is not right in his head?

Last night in Tulsa was a disaster for Trump and his supporters not once did he hark on about future policy or mention how serious his officials was going to deal with the pandemic other than poke fun at Kung-flu yet another racial slur pointed at China was disgusting to watch!

Today we are being told he was only joking when stated he thought America should stop doing covid-19 testing, he said if we stop testing covid will go away only a madman can have thoughts like this.

He even stated he might ask his base to come out in force to confront the countries protest movements as he knows his base has tough people there is no way for the suposed leader of the free world to behave in general?

There must be a few reasons he is one of the few leaders of America not to be a Freemason, I wonder why?

Lets face facts Pence and him wears no masks because if they did his base would follow suit and he would have to defend his actions so they do the opposite and create the denial argument what will it take 1 million dead Americans by ellection time this November?

Are these the actions of a sane person nevermind the leader of the free world.

Trump has got to be the best clowm act on the world stage right now he speaks like a clown, acts like one and last night even walked like one trying to convince his base that media reports he was of ill health only proved his mental health might be worse than any physcial problems he may currently have.

Trumps message was in front of no-more that 10,000 not the 1,000,000 he touted but as always he blamed someone else yes the hardly any leftwing protesters outside which was yet another big fat lie?

TRUMP NOT RIGHT IN HIS HEAD? We rest our case.