HP 1030 Mousepad, Touchpad and Keyboard problems all at the sametime on my 2018 high end business 2-1 laptop.

HP 1030 Mousepad, Touchpad and Keyboard has a curious problem develop around 10 days ago on my own 1030 G2 version with the 7200U CPU Version of my daily driver.

This pc has been rock solid since day one then last week the first thing I notice was the caplocks keyboard tab kept blinking and not staying on.

Next the keyboard numbers lock light stayed on and would not switch off then mousepad became less responsive and ten mins later it was dead then the touchscreen started playing up.

First thing I tried after first using a usb mouse was delete all drivers and let windows reload generic basic window drivers on reboot this cured screen but not touchpad or keyboard lights.

I have a 3 years onsite warranty and HP have so far been excellent they came next day with new parts and they all failed so we thought it was a motherboard issue.

Two motherboards later still no joy and when these new motherboards are installed not only will 2 touchpads not work neither will the keybords one old one new strange or what?

Last Thursday it was passed to HP level 2 they wanted the engineer to update drivers which was not the problem worse still the device managers says all is working yet running the HP utility on the mousepad continues to throw up error messages that it cant run.

I have asked for replacement unit as this is now 4 repairs without any sucess the tech guy has been outstaning thus far and I would have done all these solutions as well.

So if any reader knows of the fix please leave a comment down below?

I will update you on HP Customer Services do for me in the coming days but I dont think this is an isolated fault no-one has heard before and I am shouting out for help?


UPDATE 01-09-2020.

The onsite tech thought it could be the screen as it has sensors and it could be these sensors that are stuck in tablet mode locking up the touchpad.

Kind of makes sense but its going back to the factory as notebooks only get 3 HP repair attempts before its deemed to be a lost cause and is either replaced or fuuly refunded.

UK Customer support level 2 contacted me on the 18th of Aug 2020 and offered a brand new G4 Model which I gladly excepted delivery was quoted as 10-15 business days today is the 10th day and was notified by email to the 10th of Sept – watch this space?