HP Business Laptop UK Customer Services are top notch at looking after the business notebook customers with excellent HP Level 1 and 2 support agents.

HP Business Laptop UK Customer Services are excellent but they are not that easy to contact.

I buy lots of notebooks from asus gaming rigs to briliant business notebooks from Asus, HP and others over the last 5 years I have tended to purchase elitebooks 1030, 1040, 840 and 820 for friends and family as they have excellent build quality with top notch internal components.

My little recent experince with my own 1030 G2 which I loved developed a weird fault where the touchpad failed to work if this happens to you first thing to try is go  to device manage and delete the driver and reboot and windows will enstall generic windows drivers.

That never worked so tried a reset that failed so had to call out an next day HP engineer this was not as easy as I first thought their website is a little difficult to navigate and I am an ex Google webmaster guru it even caught me.

The UK support number one calls in the first instance is 02076600403 who are currently based in India and they are all superb, they take your details and pass it over to the tech team support which only deals with booking appoinments for onsite repairs in my case.

The number above is also classed as level 1 HP support teams and if need be they can request level 2 which is higher up the chain of command.

The booking agents are called Hemmersbach and I always had the pleasure of Emily Wooldrige contacting me she was very quick in replying to any questions I may have had.

The HP tech guy William based in Dundee was also excellent and could not fault his commitment to fix the laptop he tried three repairs changed motherboards and touchpads and kept me fully informed including a level 2 team asking for another attempt that failed.

William then thought it could be the 1030 screen but as there was already so many attempts (4) it was deemed a DOA and had to be replaced, as I am I.T myself I could not fault his commitment to the task, well done and thanks for trying so hard to repair it.

Thats when my case file got transfered to level 2 UK HP SUPPORT where their team members Ivan and Oliver were fantastic, very understanding and replaced my 1030 G2 to an 1030 G4 which I am very greatful for.

The entire process took around 3 weeks and during covid which is nothing short of an outstanding level of service and a credit to HP.

Lastly I had 7 months left of my on site warranty I dont think many other business notebook manufactures would have went the extra mile in these dark times so you can trust HP BUSINESS LAPTOP UK CUSTOMER SERVICES AND THEIR WARRANTIES.