Perfomance Chip Tuning Audi SQ7 supplied and fitted by one of Europes top chiptuning specialists Loma Wheels of Monaco besides the South France.


Perfomance Chip Tuning Audi SQ7.

There is no question that these days how far technology has went when it comes to Motors Software.

The days when you have to put your car on the Dyno to enhance hidden power seems to be over.

All Loma Performance Chip Tuning boxes are programmed in combination with the specific car model on the Dyno and this data we sealed in a Performance Chip-Tuning-Box.

As there is a difference if the car is new or pre-owned, Loma decided to go with +15% only which we call STAGE 1.

So if we speak about a Performance Chip Tuning Audi SQ7 TSI job for example with 435 HP’s and 900 Nm of torque, you can expect with their LOMA Audi SQ7 TDI Performance Chip Tuning product a gain up to 1080 Nm and 500 HP’s in total.

Note with no custom sport-exhaust, no down-pipe and no performance air-filter.

Perfect for daily Fun!

To find out more about this fantastic new automotive product please see HERE!