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On or around the first of August my beloved i5 7200u HP 1030 x360 G2 developed a fault of the touchpad failing to respond so I called HP as I had a 3 year onsite warranty so the tech guy came next day with a new touchpad that failed so he took away 2 motherboards and a few fixs later 4 to be exact the repair team deemed it dead in actual fact its three repairs and no fix or same fault within the first 30 days customers either get offered full unit replacements or upgrades to latest models or a full refund.

It was a no brainer go with an inferior manufacturer with and equally crap warranty or stay with the best notebook warranty in the business with a free 3 year onsite warranty you bet that was offered and excepted on the 18th August 2020.

Oliver and Ivan have so far been a great credit to HP and have kept this business customer fully updated and really informed of this replacement G4.

The moral of this story is if your a business customer and you want a 3 year warranty that works really well then the only choice is HP even the UK’s CS level 1 team in India was fantastic and really professional and if they said anything it was copied over so the case file was really complete well done HP.

Now I dont know if the same happens with consumer notebooks as all my family now has 1030 1040 and 840 ellitebooks with no breakdowns other than this one so far.

UPDATE 01-09-2020.

The onsite tech thought it could be the screen as it has sensors and it could be these sensors that are stuck in tablet mode locking up the touchpad.

Kind of makes sense but its going back to the factory as notebooks only get 3 HP repair attempts before its deemed to be a lost cause and is either replaced or fuuly refunded.

UK Customer support level 2 contacted me on the 18th of Aug 2020 and offered a brand new G4 Model which I gladly excepted delivery was quoted as 10-15 business days today is the 10th day and was notified by email to the 10th of Sept – watch this space?

Update number 2

New shinny 1030 X360 G4 delivered 1 day early although I was not informed no matter excellent service I have no idea why UK customer services gets so much abuse even got a gen 3 pen in the box for free I now have 4 lol  

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