It may surprise many readers that in Scotland all childrens pannel meetings are NOT minuted only the final recommendation/s this means any Social Worker can lie and get away with it without santions,

This is both very unfair and an obvious breach of human rights and has been going on for years with many children being taken into care without a shread of REAL evidence this petition tries to counter this scandal but MSP’s have been very reluctant to back such plans in the past.

One reason is theres lots of money that can be made from having lots and lots needlessly in care and damaged children very rarely end up in care as they cost to much to look after and don’t attain well in school, shocking we know so theres no reason to block this petition to make it an offense to lie and create doubt about parents without absolute proof!

This petition will be considered by the Public Petitions Committee at its virtual meeting on Thursday, 24 September 2020.    Childrens Hearings should be minuted

Readers may wish to watch this meeting online at Parliament TV


The agenda for the meeting will be available on the Committee’s website on Monday, 21 September. The agenda will show all the business for this meeting and the order the Committee will consider the petitions in.