By | October 6, 2020

A gentle reminder

Brexit has not been finalised and signed off and in to UK Law..So no laws or International laws have been broken..Trade Bill has not been passed in to law by the Westminster Lords or signed in to law by the Queen, assuming she signs it..So no laws or International laws have been broken as yet, neither is the treaty of 1707..But on 1 second past midnight on the 31st of December the treaty of 1707 has been broken..Until all this happens we have to sit tight as a movement and take the appropriate action when it does as all these laws have been broken by this Tory Government, and the English Parliament then becomes a rouge State for which Scotland wants no part of and Scotland should recall our MPs From London to form our parliament within a recognised Independent nation within International law..The game of political chess, is still on going, but the King will be cornered soon, Check Mate..
Borrowed from Henry Newton…