Berrymans Lace Mawer damages the Mavis Bank’s estate by deliberately ignoring property bids of 1m pounds to protect other solicitors who valued the property at less than half!

BERRYMANS LACE MAWER better known as BLM and their now so-called hot shot Mr James Beresford probate and wealth manager who was Liverpool probate court appointed point blank refuses to engage with buyers who have offered twice the original valuations presented by the first removed executers Bartletts Solicitors of Chester.

One can only assume correctly BLM is protecting their next door office neibours by making sure the estate of the Late Mavis Banks only sells for the £450,000 on a zoopla valuation of 1.3m this year before covid kicked in.

Two highly respected European businesses has contacted BERRYMANS LACE MAWER many times and gotten zero replies, it might surprise some in the field that James Beresford is now a client of his own firm, no doubt from being utterly incompetent at his job.

Perhaps it stemmed from the fact he was found out for doing legal fraud when he to was going to step down from the case said so to the last surviving relative and made a court statement to the effect there was a care bill of £100,000 the first removed executer had claimed when it only took 33 seconds to find the real figure of £817 yes only 100k out, what professionals they are, NOT!

How about the fact Beresford stated in the court statement there was a £4500 funeral bill to pay when we have a copy of the receipt showing its already been paid and a copy of when and where it was paid by the late Mavis Banks Nationwide bank account has BLM no shame?

It appears BLM management are so far up Barttlets backsides poor James was told you’re not getting to remove yourself and whatever you or we do we won’t be selling this property for MORE than court presented valuations of less than £450,000.

For any readers that are holding out this was just a slight oversight here is the killer punch, James Beresford and the BLM compliance team refuses to except even after a chartered accountants has made a writen statement that this estate had in effect BPR, James Beresford and BLM says not true even though everyone knows the property address had a big clue in the house name, GUEST HOUSE – lol.

Even HMRC smells a RAT!

If your reading this article and your thinking of using this firm please ask them the questions we have been asking for 8 months, good luck with your quest and the SRA should be disbanded they don’t even have the common sense that this is so wrong unless it’s the case they are all part of the same problem?

They claim Dr Jones is being obstructive if it was not for him the greatest legal fraud would now have taken place and he would have been over £800,000 poorer perhaps thats the real story here and its happened to many others all part of the perks of controling estates, this has to stop!

To the directors of this law firm you have all been sent details of this casefile yet all you have done is made poor Mr Beresford a client of the firm to protect you and to a lesser extent him this won’t work over time and you all know it?

Next question you should be asking, how did the wealth manager partner become a client of the firm if he did nothing legally wrong?

Do the right thing and let poor James bail out he never knew how bad this was going to get did he?

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