Angel Development investors of America provided by the world famous Loma Brand of Monaco and the brainchild of Mr Mario Radosavljevic one of the world’s top business inovators and funding investor.

The face of Brand Licensing America, Mr Mario Radosavljevic of the Loma Group Monaco.
The face of Brand Licensing America, Mr Mario Radosavljevic

Licensing is the process of leasing a trademarked or copyrighted property for use in connection with a product, service or promotion.

The property could be a name, likeness, logo, graphic, saying, signature, character or a combination of several of different elements depending on your needs.

The licensing agreements that property owners and licensees make have the potential to unlock powerful brands with in-demand products that drive real value to both parties and boost so the sales to new levels.

Companies large and small make billions of dollars each year in retail sales of licensed merchandise.

From “Toy Story” action figures to t-shirts with the Nike logo, the potential to leverage a brand for licensing or license out a beloved brand are vast. In reality, there is no limit what is possible.

They are your direct link to business success, this website has know this company for many years and Mr Mario Radosavljevic personally and can vouch for his business ethics and ethos which is second to none.

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