By | August 4, 2021


SDL Auctions has either succumbed to out and out presure or have reliased they were hoodwinked into damaging an estate unwittingly from the hands of James Beresford or Charlotte Pritchard of BLM Law.

On Friday the 30th of July 2021 SDL Auctions who listed the probate estate of the late Mavis Banks of 32 Hoole Road Chester for £250,000 less than the court in Liverpool so ordered in December 2019.

It was a saga in a half and a never ending Auction with no less than 5 extentions damed this estate to the tune of at least £300,000 as both SDL and BLM refused offers of more than £1m they simply never even acknowledged the bidders because Bartletts of Chester the first executer ordered James Beresford to ignore these bids because it would have made him look bad to the regulators as he only valued the property at 450k.

How do we know all this simple released SAR’s from SDL, BLM Law and document leeks plus SDL Claiming BLM had no capacity to sell it in the first place.

These firms are meant to be the best in the business god help the rest!