We have proof that a UK law firm has employed a reputation manager to get rid of damaging web content to save their firms from bad publicity even when the stories of legal fraud are true?

What we are showing here is a freedom of information request being fully complied with from BLM Law for Dr Mark Jones in the continuing saga of the late Mavis Banks of capital guest house in Chester.

Since this SAR from BLM fingering BARTLETTS of LIVERPOOL law firm and their Chester branch in particular BLM Law has stated in writing and unlawfully stated any or all other SAR requests will not be delivered in the future shows an ongoing legal cover up in this damaging of an probate estate by the countries top probate and Wealth managers JAMES BERESFORD and CHARLOTTE PRITCHARD of BLM LAW.

So here we have PB of Bartlett’s of Chester writing to James Beresford telling them don’t worry we have Dr Jones under their control as we can employ someone to look after our online interests and remove anything we like from an official solicitors dispute website as we have an insider in the Google search engine!

Please note the letter to BLM Law does not even state its alleged or that the libellous actions have never even been test in any court and BLM Law that claims to be HOLIER THAN THOU and not report this serious admission to the solicitors regulatory bodies like the SRA shows they are as dirty as the first removed executers BARTLETTS OF CHESTER, this also shows BLM Laws stance on zero tolerance is just empty words and they will do anything to protect other legal firms.

But there’s more Dr Jones once upon a time contacted BLM’s top insurance clients ALZN INS because they covered Bartlett’s and if Bartlett’s goes down ALZ would have to pay-out perhaps that’s the reason the north west law society gave Bartlett’s the probate case after Bartlett’s was self removed in any case BLM Law should have been aware this was a legal conflict of interest and fail to inform any court?

improper use of reputation managers removing web content form google in breach of human rights of free speech issues.

And just to prove how bad both legal firms are in this case the estate agents BLM Law used to undervalue the property by at least £250,000 has last Friday the 30th of July pulled the marketing an open live auction and withdrew it from sale altogether siting that BLM the vendors could not prove they even had capacity to sell the estate at such a low price shows PRICE FIXING!

International Scotland applauds SDL for finally doing the right thing in removing this property from their books but they were told along time ago there was massive problems and done nothing.

SDL at the beginning also tried the same gagging orders to suppress bad press but totally failed as they used BLM to deliver their ultimate wishes, have they no shame!