Defeating Corruption in England – Salman Sheikh YouTube Channel.

Defeating Corruption in England – Salman Sheikh YouTube Channel.

Salman Sheikh & Dr. Mark Jones(Freeman of The City of London)-Defeating Corruption in England
Salman Sheikh.

Greetings & Peace- I’m joined by my friend and brother Dr Mark Jones FRSM-Freeman of The City of London & Scottish Freemason in this talk. We discuss elements of corruption within England such as elderly care home abuse, bent lawyers, the properties of elderly being preyed upon by different groups, grooming gangs, and also other elements of darkness which exist within England that brother Mark Jones has dedicated his life to bring to justice. Please watch with an open mind. We represent ourselves only as free men under National/International laws of Free Speech. #england #unitedkingdom #UK #british #britain #greatbritain.

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