Charles Parker Bennett and SDL Surveyors are not only known for providing very low valuations but now they are linked in the 32 Hoole Road probate estate scandal.

It turns out CPB Surveyors just happened to employ a SDL Surveyor and made him a associate director as soon as he joined the company in March 21.

Funny is it not that we cant work out why one of the largest UK law firms and wealth managers would use a 2 employee firm and somehow get that surveyor to do a property valuation 200% less than the real value and then instruct SDL Auctions to list the property shows its all about keeping it all nice and close!

The first CPB Surveyor does a £1m property for just £345,000 then leaves this employment and then jumps into the local cop shop at Hutton where there’s yet another strange link at play, more on that later.

No one in their right mind would say this is nothing more than one large price fixing scandal and an continuance of Dementia fraud activities.

It starts off with solicitors taking over the deceased wills then racking up huge unexplained legal bills because they know the courts will allow it and the estates has the value.

Then they get local or not so local surveyors who will do anything including knocking hundreds of thousands off the property more the better as pure greed takes over and everyone in the loop has to have their cut of the proceeds.

Yet if this was not TRUE why did the largest and best wealth manager in the land BLM Law and James Beresford or Charlotte Pritchard not even bat an eyelid as such at ridicules low valuation simple they were in on it!

If thats not true why did they keep this low valuation outside the RICS standard for accuracy and tell the estates beneficiaries anything at all including a Police Detective who could be linked to the Hutton nick that gains by £180,000 AND YET WILL GET NOTHING IF IT SELLS FOR ONLY £450,000

Yet another strange aspect is the fact if they believed the 345k valuation was in fact correct why did SDL Auctions list it in June for 500k but beresford only wanted it on for 450k and the original estimate in court documents states SDL WANTED TO LIST IT AT 570K all very weird and all controlled by James and Charlotte Pritchard at BLM law that really knows how to look after estates values, yeh right”