BLM Law Fraud team says they beat the door down of fraudsters and sent them to jail yet they don’t practice what the preach to others especially if its their law firm officers allowing it to happen on their watch?

So here we are yet again telling the world that James Beresford wealth management team is so bad they allow corruption and even pays for it to happen.

James employed a 2 employee firm of surveyors in Preston to go 65 miles away to do a valuation that the said valuers stated a property was only worth £345,000  this was done by A.L who used to work for Charles Parker Bennett of Preston and shortly afterwards left the company.

The company now claims their employee submitted comparable properties in Chester on the 23rd of October 2020 and he stands by his value appraisal yet other well known Chester surveyors says this is fraud as does RICS themselves.

Yet Beresford 5 months later wanted to market the property for 450k SDL said NO-WAY and they marketed the property for 500k and even said they got 1 bidder amazing really as the Dec court order stated no-lower than 750k with zoppla claiming it was at £1.1m.

So that means this surveyor is only out by at least 135% less yet Beresford was allegedly clueless, paid for the surveyors report even though the report was not signed which is illegal and Beresford still does nothing then waits 9 months before he releases these document for the first time in a legal bundle shows fraud on a massive scale and BLM compliance has all these documents at hand a claims NOTHING WRONG GOV!

A new World record for undervaluing any property in Chester but we are hearing of new examples of properties going cheap and a few moths later being sold at double the price but don’t tell BLM Law Fraud team they think this A-OK with them. 

Victims of this price fixing type scams are fine by us as long as we are the gainers or our friends, its the oldest scam in the world and the name of the game?

Please they cant be serious about Fraud when the cant even see it in their own house is quite frankly shocking!

Beresford refuses to this day to release vital legal documents to the defence, he even succeeded to get the Leeds probate office to put in place a personal caveat (illegal) just so he can block 2 times £1m property bids to buy this said property yet no-one in BLM law cares one jot!

He cant even tell the courts he thought the 100k care bills were real from Bartlett’s of Chester

What must be troubling for the courts in London and Liverpool is why a solicitor from the legal top 500 would try and sell a court ordered property for 300k less than the lowest figure excepted by all parties in the judgement and why he never questioned the report of 345k unless he was involved in an alleged conspiracy to defraud this estate of substantial amounts of money!

We say again BLM Law is fully aware of everything we say is true because we got EVERYTHING from them in black and white and still BLM Law wont practice what they preach to them FRAUD is only about making as much money as possible mostly from clients and victims from their own partners, its disgraceful, shocking and it seems threes so many on the gravy train even the courts are powerless but the dots are joining and its only time that these sharp practices will come to an end.

Proof of the Pudding is this property was removed by SDL because they state BLM Law lied to them about capacity to sell for so low a price and the courts have stated its to be remarketed at least what the court order stated 750k min Beresford has agreed and yet he still gets to be the executer of the estate the probate world is truly corrupt and the only winners are greedy lawyers.

Beware don’t become their next victim after your targeted has having a wealthy estate its certainly not good for ones health and especially your families bank accounts.

You have all been warned!

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Watch this space!