The above named BLM Law fraud team according to the firm has went after 5000 UK fraudsters last year and won but can’t be bothered to internally investigate one partner from their own firm.

What a bunch of numpties, one of the UK’s supposedly top law firms are so scared to investigate one of their own shows how corrupt BLM Law has become.

All three have read the emails and all three have refused to even acknowledge International Scotland’s genuine concerns shows they have zero interest in probate crimes unless its directed at another firm shows they are not fit and proper persons to practice fraud law cases.

They have an absolute duty of care to their own profession to root out bad apples and to whistle blow if they see wrong doing and given the huge amount of written evidence we call on them now they will endeavour to find the truth no matter where it lies?

But we are starting to see where all law firms are at in relation to dementia fraud where its easy to rack up huge legal fees and the relatives are so distraught at losing their loved ones by the time they figure our what’s really going on law firms up and down the country have robbed the estates of their wealth.

That is all about to change though the great work carried out by PB of Bartlett’s of Chester and JB of BLM Law has helped many organisations join the dots and have come out with a plan to try and change the outdated probate laws in the UK by starting a campaign to change the law to ONE STRIKE YOUR OUT,

JB of BLM Law would last a few minutes at most, what is very surprising to us is why JB still a client of his own firm after over a year they must be very scared of all work has carried our over the years that will have to be reopened and how many property valuations were delicately undervalued for his firm other others to gain from it which shows even more surprising that the so-called top fraud team experts above is not the least bit interested says it all about BLM Law and lets not forget that Beresford might be the executer of the estate but its BLM Compliance that sends all the mail without signatures quite a doggy legal practice.

Its not to late for these top legal eagles to reach out to us and tell us they care about their firms reputation not that any other partner of this law firm seems to care perhaps they are fully aware saying and doing nothing increases the groups profitability and carry on making lots of dosh is the order of the day!