Facebook Market Place for Swapping Cars has got to be the best place in the world for owners that’s fed up driving old cars can mutually swap for free, no costs.

It’s really for older cars like over 10 years old but not exclusively so, the best part is it could save owners a small fortune.

If you sell a car for cash with the prospect of buying another and if what you want is at a dealership you still end up paying £1000-£3000 extra for buying your car at a retail outlet.

Now some buyers would like to do but are to scared in case they are buying crap, the simple solution is asking for the car to be examined by your local garage if the seller says no, then run a mile!

In the UK just make sure you both drive each others cars but make sure of 2 things first;

1/ You are covered to drive the car you would like to swap to most UK insurances cover you for third party but always check first.

2/ Make sure both cars has the V5 logbook available at the swap over if the other is not there simply walk away until it is there!

Next you can do a lot of checking the swap prices for free on various UK motoring websites like for instance here at PARKERS.

The most important thing you MUST do is check the DVLA for past MOT histories and even more importantly the cars mileages do they add up correctly if there’s gaps or errors its been clocked walk away.

Now done 6 swaps 5 were definitely in my favour but all swaps should be equal in what one gains to what one loses.

In the UK its best practice to get each others cars with new MOT’s before the exchanges that way they are both safe to drive.

Facebook must be commended for offering a truly excellent portal gumtree is not as good as it once was and is more driven by charging for nothing of real quality (in my humble opinion).