By | September 7, 2021


Just when you thought the 32 Hoole Road, Chester nightmare for all the estates beneficiaries could simply not get worse we have news for you all it did poor James Beresford and Charlotte Pritchard has incredibly lost £11,000 from several bank accounts and the don’t have a clue where its gone?

If you thought going to BLM Law wealth managers to keep your cash safe think strongly before you do these top 500 legal eagles are utterly clueless, totally unprofessional and should be removed by any judge as being legally incompetent.

They were given files from J.B Bartlett of Bartlett’s of Chester and they in turn before removing themselves told HMRC that the late Mavis Banks had according to then over £61000 held in several bank accounts AROUND 2015.

Then Poor Beresford, Pritchard and BLM compliance (its hard to tell who actually did the deed) in March 2021 told both the probate office Leeds that the actual cash in these bank accounts was only under £51000 so nearly £11000 in cash goes missing and the TOP UK Probate and and senior STEP members STAYS silent, tells the courts nothing and basically goes to ground.

Of course this is from the super doper BLM Law team that stated a simple 2015 funeral bill of £4500 was not paid and its showing as paid on the deceased bank book as being paid we even have a receipt from the funeral home its paid, what a bunch of numpties if this is the best probate firm in England thank god We live in Scotland!